Railroad Disasters Happen.

How well prepared is YOUR community? A train wreck could be disastrous. Emergency locations do not discriminate - a large scale train crash can take place in a highly populated city or in a desolate, hard to reach rural area. After a HAZMAT incident or passenger train accident, every minute of response time is precious.

Clear Track Ahead's custom GPS maps make it easier to pinpoint a railroad incident. This resource is easy to use, and can also assist in developing your county's emergency response plans.

Photos of Various Train Wrecks
Susan and John Cease, owners of Clear Track Ahead


We are Susan and John Cease. Here is how we can help the Emergency Personnel in your jurisdiction. We design a customized GPS map for locations of interest, and supply you with data inventory files of transportation routes. You will be provided with both an electronic map and a hard copy printed version. A printed map is a helpful resource in the event of a power outage or for an Emergency Responder to use in the field. And we are more affordable than you may think!

Call us at 910.790.3511 Save LIVES, Save MONEY, Save TIME!

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