A Product with the Technology to Save Lives

When a railroad-related accident occurs, there is a limited window of time to respond to the dilemma before damages and injuries progress from bad to worse. Most 9-1-1 Centers do not have maps that correlate with the railroad company's maps. When an unknown railroad location cannot be located, our GPS maps are the obvious choice.

Industry Leader of GPS Maps:


Clear Track Ahead uses industry standard Global Positioning Technology, digital maps, and leading computer software.


We design a customized GPS map for locations of interest, and supply you with data inventory files of transportation routes.


You will be provided with both an electronic map and a hard copy printed version. A printed map is a helpful resource in the event of a power outage or for an Emergency Responder to use in the field.


Critical to effective planning is having accurate maps that identify key infrastructure, hazardous locations, and difficult to access areas. Integrated rail and local dispatch decisions, based on the same mapping information, results in better directed emergency responses. This can SAVE LIVES and PROPERTY. 

We locate & assign a GPS latitute/longitude address to each of the following:

* Railroad right-of-ways for emergency planning

* 9-1-1 Jurisdiction by milepost location

* Railroad mileposts and unique "place names"

* Local roadways and grade crossings

* Recreational trails

* Bridges, tunnels, utility lines, structures

* Routes for movement of people and goods

* Inventory of infrastructure by type and location


This information is then plotted and depicted on local area maps that show the adjoining roadway system. 


Using this information, emergency responders can locate and plan in advance the best roadway access to the railroad's property.


Map plots are captured in .shp (shape) files and can be used to produce hard copy maps.

Example of 
Clear Track Ahead
GPS map

Make your job as an Emergency Planner & Responder MORE EFFECTIVE.


Accurate map data that you can RELY on.


"Print Maps" and "Digital Maps" so you can LOCATE the event quicker.


SIMPLE to use, but if you have a question, we are a RESOURCE for you.

Why Interoperability is Important:

* Enhance emergency planning

* Improve response time

* Save lives and property

* Mitigate civil lawsuit damage

* Create safer work environments

* Build community confidence

* Meet the public's expectations of Homeland Security

Safety is our Highest Concern

Recognizing “Safety” as the paramount concern of the railroad industry, and understanding the frustration of 9-1-1 Emergency Responders when trying to locate railroad “right of way” emergency events, Clear Track Ahead has identified a process that integrates the detailed maps of railroads with the addressing technology of Emergency Planners and 9-1-1 Centers.

In a crisis, can your Emergency Responders quickly locate a Railroad incident?
Clear Track Ahead mapping is the Solution.