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A hybrid GPS map created by Clear Track Ahead provides information for both community and railroad locations.

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Compare and see the essential information exclusively from a map by Clear Track Ahead.
Map above is a hybrid map, created by CTA.


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Railroads shouldn’t be mysterious entities in an emergency, yet local emergency response plans often don’t cover them to a necessary extent. The railroad poses all the threats and liabilities of a major highway system, with one exception: A rail disaster is usually monumental and frequently becomes a multijurisdictional event. 


Increased fuel costs and initiatives to be more environmentally friendly have translated into more trains, increased speeds, and additional freight and passenger traffic. Industry experts predict that volume will double by 2035. High-speed rail initiatives and increasing passenger loads will result in more railroad emergencies, which emphasizes the need for better local government emergency planning — increases in hazardous material (HAZMAT) transportation and passenger counts are not just homeland security concerns.


Unlike other transportation systems, railroads are private and not dependent on the government. However, emergency pre-planning for a large-scale rail event is critical, especially as railroads become the most profitable and efficient form of U.S. freight transportation. 

Just how Important are Trains?


Image Source: CSX Transportation

Let's Look at the Facts.



Percentage of highway/railroad crossing accidents that occur at locations with proper warning devices. That is why continuing education is needed to keep
people off the tracks.


Number of Grade Crossings in USA



Percentage of railroad related fatalities caused by tresspassing on railroad right-of-ways.

$25.5 Million

Funds given as grants to 12 states in 2012 to eliminate railroad grade crossing hazards.

What causes railroad accidents?

Advice from the Experts:

National Emergency Number Association recommends:


"Integration of railroad mileposts with latitude and longitude into electronic maps for PSAP call takers."

NENA Milepost OID 56-502

National Transportation Safety Board recommends:


"Facilitate the inclusion of Railroad Milepost markers on all emergency response maps across the country."

NTSB/RAR-0104  PB2001-916304

Trains are getting Safer.


Research Statistic Source: Federal Railroad Administration    (

In a crisis, can your Emergency Responders quickly locate a Railroad incident?
Clear Track Ahead mapping is the Solution.