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Safer Work Environment
Safer Work Environment

Clear Track Ahead - Safer Work Environment

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Build Community Confidence
Build Community Confidence

Clear Track Ahead - Build Community Confidence

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Enhance Emergency Planning
Enhance Emergency Planning

Clear Track Ahead - Enhance Emergency Planning

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In a crisis, can your Emergency Responders quickly locate a Railroad incident?
Clear Track Ahead mapping is the Solution.

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The Problem:

Railroad and emergency planners DO NOT share common map and address data bases. Confusion results in a delayed emergency response.

The Goal:

Reduce the time it takes the first emergency responder to reach the reported event.

The Solution:

Clear Track Ahead uses GPS technology to integrate railroad locations with 9-1-1 Center address mapping.

Efficiency  of

Lives Saved


The Need for Railroad Mapping:

We live in a society where there is more technology used for daily activities than ever before. Even with state of the art computer software and GPS location devices, there is ironically a lack of map correlation between railroads, streets, and recreational trails. Because Emergency Responders have to be ready to help an accident at a moment's notice and be able to plan ahead for other foreseeable issues, it is imperative that a map system be available to locate railroad crossings.



Clear Track Ahead is the Solution:

Locating an unfound milepost does not have to be a search in the dark. Our Interoperable GPS Maps plot the exact longitude and latitude locations of right-of-way railroad crossings. These maps are a crucial element to being able to locate a railroad disaster.

What to Expect with Our Maps:

* Railroad right-of-ways for emergency planning

* 911 Jurisdiction by milepost location

* Railroad mileposts and unique "place names"

* Local roadways and grade crossings

* Recreational trails

* Bridges, tunnels, utility lines, structures

* Routes for movement of people and goods

* Inventory of infrastructure by type and location


Why Interoperability is Important:

* Enhance emergency planning

* Improve response time

* Save lives and property

* Mitigate civil lawsuit damage

* Create safer work environments

* Build community confidence

* Meet the public's expectations of "Homeland Security"

Our Clients Have Included:

NC DOT Rail Division

Freight Division

Linville, NC
Fire Department

Columbus Co. OH
Emergency Management

Wilmington Beach 2 Battleship
USAT Iron Distance Triathlon

WV Rail Trails (11 Total)

Duke Liver Center
Half Marathon

Cass Scenic Railroad

NC Private Railroads

OH Private Railroads

PA Private Railroads

WV Private Railroads

Chowan County, NC

WV State Rail Authority

Perquimans County, NC